What is vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia is one of the most common vulval disorders and can affect women of any age. The condition can often affect women who are healthy in every other way and symptoms include unexplained and [...]

Hysterectomy recovery tips

If you have a hysterectomy by laparoscopy, the procedure won’t be as traumatic as vaginal or abdominal surgery. However, you will still need to undergo a recovery process. Here’s what to expect [...]

Gynaecology: the facts

The term ‘gynaecology’ literally means ‘the science of women’. The word ‘gynaecology’ comes from the Greek word for ‘woman’, which is ‘gyne’, and the word for ‘study’, which is ‘logia’. [...]

Colposcopy explained

Most women will have never heard of a colposcopy, which can lead to confusion and anxiety if you are advised to undergo one. To avoid any such worry, outlined here are the basics of this [...]