How Often Should You Visit The Gynaecologist?

Visiting a private gynaecologist annually for a wellness exam is a standard recommendation in female reproductive health. Unfortunately, many wonder if these visits are really necessary and how frequent they should be.

To help you stay on top of your health, here’s a detailed guide on how often you should visit the gynaecologist and its importance.

How often should you see your gynaecologist?

Generally, experts recommend visiting your gynaecologist every year. However, this varies depending on your age and health. For instance, if you’re under 21 and are not sexually active, you can schedule your visits every other year.

In contrast, if you’re sexually active and between the ages of 21 and 29, you should see your gynaecologist each year for a regular exam in-between visits for any issue that arises. This can be anything from painful urination to bad odour or changes in your menstrual flow.

If you’re above 30 and in good health, you can also see your private gynaecologist annually, but watch out for any unusual signs and book an appointment immediately to maintain optimal health.

When to call your gynaecologist

Outside of your bi-annual or annual exams, you should schedule a visit with your gynaecologist if you experience any changes to your reproductive health. This includes:

• Unbearable menstrual pain
• Unusual discharge from the vagina
• Pain during intercourse
• Skipped or heavy periods
• Vaginal discomfort

If you’re not sure whether a certain change is a cause for concern, call your gynaecologist and ask. They’ll advise you accordingly.

Importance of frequent gynaecologist visits

Visiting your gynaecologist often may seem like an unnecessary expense, but its long-term benefits are worthwhile. For example, a pelvic exam can screen for issues and catch infections early on before they escalate further. This reduces your risk of contracting certain diseases and ensures you get the right treatment, improving the overall outcome.

A gynaecologist appointment is also a great opportunity to address problems impacting your sexual health. It might feel awkward and uncomfortable talking to a doctor about your sex life, but their input and resources can help improve your sexual health. On the other hand, a private gynaecologist can provide solutions to prevent health risks while counselling you on ways to stay healthy.

Ultimately, you can’t underestimate the value of frequent gynaecologist visits. Get in touch with Dr Tania Adib today to schedule your private gynaecologist appointment and stay on top of your reproductive health.