MonaLisa Touch® (MLT)

An innovative laser treatment, the MonaLisa Touch can help with vaginal dryness, discomfort during sex and urinary incontinence. This pioneering treatment is non-hormonal. The MonaLisa Touch regenerates collagen in the membrane lining of the vaginal wall, plumping and tightening the tissue.

How does the MonaLisa Touch® (MLT) Laser work?

MonaLisa Touch (MLT) works by applying gentle laser energy to the vaginal walls. Your doctor will administer this in tiny dots meaning that only a small percentage of vaginal tissue is directly affected by the laser at any time. 

The specialist laser delivers fractional carbon dioxide laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue, which causes the production of new collagen and rehydrates and tightens the membrane lining the vaginal wall.

What symptoms does MonaLisa Touch® (MLT) treat?

MonaLisa Touch® treats symptoms of vaginal dryness, and general discomfort, caused by ageing and a drop in oestrogen levels which triggers the thinning and drying of the vaginal walls. For some women, HRT will be the answer, otherwise women will need to use lubricants and moisturisers. 

Symptoms MonaLisa Touch® (MLT) can help with include:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Reduced vaginal lubrication
  • Genital itching or burning sensation, of the vulva or vagina
  • General vaginal dryness and discomfort
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Burning sensation when you urinate
  • A desperate need to visit the loo 
  • Frequent bladder infections 
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Light bleeding or spotting after intercourse
  • Discomfort or pain during sex
  • Light bleeding or spotting after exercise

Who is a suitable candidate for MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy?

Any woman who is menopausal or going through the perimenopause. The therapy may also help restore those with vaginal laxity or postnatal disorders, due to childbirth injury.

MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy is oestrogen free, making this a safe option for those who cannot take HRT.

This includes: 

  • Women who have had a surgical menopause, for example, after removal of both ovaries
  • Women who has gone radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormonal treatment for breast cancer
  • Women who take oestrogen-inhibiting medication, such as for oestrogen sensitive cancer, which has the effect of lowering your oestrogen levels

What will I experience during the MonaLisa Touch® (MLT)?

This is a quick procedure, lasting about five minutes, with little discomfort – anaesthesia is not usually required. MLT has the benefit of being minimally invasive and without any risks to surrounding tissues. Your specialist doctor will decide what intensity of laser treatment you need. Some women report feeling a slight sensation, and if it’s necessary to turn the settings up, a little tenderness, but this is manageable.  

You’ll be able to leave the clinic the same day and go about your normal activities, although you should refrain from sexual activity for 3 days.

How many sessions of MonaLisa Touch® will I need?

The number of treatments you’ll need depend on the severity of your symptoms, and your specialist gynaecologist will tailor the therapy to your individual needs. 

However, usually three treatments are recommended for vaginal atrophy over an 18 month period. These are given 4 to 6 weeks apart, and then once a year to maintain effects.

How long will it take for the MonaLisa Touch to work?

You should start seeing improvements in your symptoms after one treatment, but 3 treatments are often required to get the full benefits. 

One study has shown improvements of 90% in vaginal laxity, 85% in vaginal itching, 84% in vaginal burning, 76% in dryness and 72% in pain during sex, after 3 sessions of MonaLisa Touch®.