Vulva Conditions Every Woman Needs To Be Aware Of

The vulva is the external female genitals. There are certain disorders that affect the vulva and as a woman, you need to be aware of them so you’ll know as soon as you have a problem. Some of the most common symptoms of vulva disorders include itching, stinging, and a burning sensation. In some cases, it may swell as well.

If a woman with these or more symptoms is untreated, a vulva disorder could lead to sexual problems, depression, body image concerns and a lot more. The most unsettling aspect is that these disorders may take a long time to heal. Getting diagnosed and treated by a female gynaecologist London specialist is the best way to recover. Let’s look at some of the disorders that affect the vulva.

Vulva Skin Conditions

Psoriasis – Some of the symptoms of psoriasis include scaly patches on your skin, itching and red skin. Some people confuse psoriasis with dermatitis, but these are two different conditions. This means you need a careful diagnosis from a professional London gynaecologist.

Dermatitis – Dermatitis is among the most common and symptoms include a rash with chronic itching. Causes include allergic reactions to certain substances, such as the latex found on condoms or irritants from hygiene products.

Lichen Planus – Lichen planus has been linked to increased risks of contracting vulva cancer and some of its symptoms include a burning sensation, pain during sex, bleeding, and pain. Your mouth, hands, and shins may be affected by the condition as well.

Lichen Sclerosus – Just like lichen planus, this is also linked to increased chances of cancer and misdiagnosis could lead to complications. Some of its symptoms include itching and pain during sexual intercourse.

Ulceration of the Vulva – Ulceration may be caused by certain diseases that include dermatitis, erosive lichen planus, lichenoid vaginitis, and other autoimmune diseases.

Vulva Infections

Vulva infections include vulva thrush, usually caused by excess yeast. Genital herpes is also an STI that causes blistering and ulceration while genital warts is an STI caused by the HPV virus. A recurrent thrush, also known as recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis may also affect the vulva.

Vulva Chronic Pain

Some of the vulva conditions that may cause pain include vulvodynia, which may last up to three months without any cause, It is neither an infection nor an inflammation. Vestibulodynia, also known as vestibular pain is another chronic pain condition that is usually provoked by tight clothing, tampon insertion, and sexual intercourse.