Benefits of seeing a female gynaecologist

A female gynaecologist understands

There is no doubt that there are many highly professional and experienced male gynaecologists working in women’s healthcare today. However, many women prefer to see a female gynaecologist when it comes to their well-being and care, because they feel that a woman ‘understands’.

Another woman can make you feel at ease and safe

Women often say they feel more comfortable talking about personal issues such as sex and reproductive health with another woman. Patients say that they feel especially anxious about talking about pelvic pain, bleeding or discharge, painful intercourse, and other gynaecological conditions to a male doctor. That matters, because feeling comfortable and secure is key to opening up about symptoms in order to receive a quick and helpful diagnosis.

Female clinicians know how a woman’s body feels

Female gynaecologists have a great advantage over their male colleagues because they know how a woman’s body feels without having to be trained. They share the same womb, ovaries and vagina. This means they are able to empathise with female health problems in a way that a man may not be able to. When interventions such as colposcopy, laparoscopic surgery or hysteroscopy are being discussed, knowing that your clinician appreciates not just the physical, but also the emotional nature of a procedure can make all the difference to how you feel too.

Woman gynaecologists empathise with female patients

Every patient has unique needs. Woman gynaecologists are likely to be additionally supportive when it comes to individual and cultural differences around care. Being able to talk openly about your personal situation in relation to your medical condition ensures that you get the best results possible from your doctor.

A female doctor is often the best choice

Whilst there are many great male doctors out there, the advantages of choosing a female gynaecologist are clear to many women. They know that they deserve to feel safe and comfortable when being examined and describing their symptoms. They want an understanding female gynaecologist who ‘gets it’ when it comes to how they feel. Someone who appreciates that emotions and quality of life during and after treatment are key for women and who works to provide minimally invasive pharmaceutical and surgical treatment and procedures. Women deserve the best care when it comes to gynaecological health, so no wonder a female doctor is often the best choice for them.